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The Detective of Diamonds

Gemologists : ”If it’s lab-grown, we can detect it.”

The market and the technology to create diamonds in the laboratory is constantly growing, but hand in hand also increases the need to recognize and distinguish this type of diamonds from natural ones.

Some experts are concerned about those traders, not quite honest, trying to pass off as natural diamonds the ones that was create in the laboratory.

However, gemologists are sure to be able to identify any type of diamond; David Weinstein, chief gemologist IGI, said: “I believe they’re trying to improve the stones to make them as pretty as they can, not trying to confuse me.”

Thanks to a special screening machine that distinguishes diamonds of type "Ia" from the other categories (Ib, IIa, IIb), they can recognize and discard the diamonds that do not meet these characteristics (HPHT and CVD).

In fact, the laboratory diamonds can only be of type Ib, IIa, IIb.

Research by "De Beers" has, in fact, emphasized that HPHT and CVD diamonds are not able to recreate the chemical properties that we find in the diamond type Ia, a category which includes the majority of natural diamonds.

DBLUX srl undertakes and guarantees maximum transparency and disassociates itself completely from using the lab created diamonds.

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Vicenza, 05/17/2016

The Detective of Diamonds

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